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conceptual semantics meaning

"conceptual semantics" in a sentence
  • The tripartite framework and conceptual semantics
  • Research on semantic indexing system and semantic retrieval model for chinese medical information based on multilayer conceptual semantic network structure
  • Semantic theories implicitly or explicitly incorporating the mentalist postulate include force dynamics and conceptual semantics.
  • Recently, conceptual semantics in particular, and lexical semantics in general, have taken on increasing importance in linguistics and psycholinguistics.
  • Similar to Domain Analysis, Concept Theory aims to create a theory of concepts which may be applied to Knowledge Organization systems by analyzing conceptual semantic relationships.
  • His theory of conceptual semantics developed into a comprehensive theory on the foundations of language, which indeed is the title of a recent monograph ( 2002 ) : " Foundations of Language.
  • Jackendoff ( 1990, 1996 : 120 3 ), in the process of incorporating aspects of force dynamics into his theory of conceptual semantics, has proposed a reconfiguration of some of its basic notions.
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