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composite wall meaning

"composite wall" in a sentence
  • [Architecture]

    A wall built of a combination of two or more masonry units of different types of materials that are bonded together, one forming the facing of the wall and the other the backup.

  • Analysis on moisture transfer for two light steel-framed composite walls
  • We are specialized in manufacturing and installing new composite wall materials
  • Analysis on perforated parameters for heat transfer of light steel-framed composite wall
  • Study on heat transfer for sectional parameters of the slotted light steel-framed composite wall
  • Masonry composite walls with steels is a new-style structure system which accord heat preservation of freezing zone
  • As an example, consider a composite wall of cross-sectional area A.
  • The issues include " Justification of novel form of structure for the steel / concrete composite walls and floors known as CA modules"
  • These composite walls can be made with as little as two inches of concrete thickness, as compared to six-to-ten inches for the typical precast panel.
  • In 1921, Lavanda Armstrong discloses a composite wall structure with a vacuum chamber " surrounded by a second envelop constructed so as to hold air under pressure, the walls of the envelope being spaced from one another and tied together ", including a honeycomb-like cellular structure, however leaving some uncertainty how to achieve adequate buoyancy given " walls may be made as thick and strong as desired ".
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