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composite board meaning

"composite board" in a sentence
  • [Architecture]

    A type of hardboard, esp. one fabricated for use in heat insulation.

  • Facture damage behavior of wood-bamboo composites board under the mutual action of fatigue and creep was studied
  • The influence factors of fracture life are composites boards lay structure, wood-lacuna, and bamboo structure
  • Landboards are often made out of wood, although some riders prefer lighter composite boards.
  • The Medical Association of Georgia and the Georgia Composite Board of Medical Examiners offer similar information.
  • Some funeral and crematorium owners offer a carbon neutral funeral service incorporating efficient-burning coffins made from lightweight recycled composite board.
  • Due to laminate flooring being a printed strip of vinyl over a composite board many textures and styles of flooring can be replicated.
  • Until the late 1940s, diving boards were all made of wood, which had almost no flexibility compared with today's composite boards.
  • Xanita, a South African company, mixes 30 % bagasse cellulose fibres in with recycled kraft paper fibre to make ultra lightweight composite boards.
  • Manufacturers of capped composite boards will often leave one side uncapped to prevent the material from expanding and mushrooming out of the corners of the boards.
  • Environmentalists say there are alternatives to old-growth redwoods : certified redwood or other woods, recycled redwood or composite boards of recycled wood and plastic.
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