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complex body part meaning

"complex body part" in a sentence
  • :Well, first of all, a foot is a pretty complex body part.
  • It is the way tissue engineering should be going _ getting the body to regenerate itself rather than trying to grow complex body parts in a test tube.
  • In the most recent book, Kirschner and Gerhart proposed a new theory of " facilitated variation " that aims to answer the question : How can small, random genetic changes be converted into useful changes in complex body parts?
  • "The story in the lens shows that you can evolve complex body parts by borrowing specialized proteins that are being used for one function for use in an entirely different function, " said Dr . Joram Piatigorsky, chief of the laboratory of molecular and developmental biology at the National Eye Institute in Bethesda, Md ., and a speaker at the meeting.
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