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compass north meaning

Synonyms of "compass north""compass north" in a sentence
  • The station has eight tracks and four island platforms, with trains entering from both compass north and south.
  • Like NY 415 in Cohocton, NY 21 is straight ( compass north ) ahead while NY 21 south is reached by turning left ( compass west ).
  • From compass north to south, it is arranged : southbound side platform, southbound local track, bidirectional express track, island platform, northbound local track, northbound side platform.
  • This might imply an awareness of magnetic declination, the difference between the magnetic north ( compass north, in this case Aquilo ) and the true north ( Pole Star, Septentrio ).
  • "There were few foreign or institutional investors in the market to provide the ` compass north'and that makes local retail investors nervous, so they realize gains as a protective measure ."
  • On ships and aircraft the difference between North indicated by the compass, " Compass North " and " Magnetic North " ( i . e . the direction of the Magnetic North Pole ) is called Deviation.
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