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compass bowl meaning

"compass bowl" in a sentence
  • [Engineering]
    That part of a compass in which the compass card is mounted.
  • Freeze was previously the head coach at BBVA Compass Bowl.
  • He did not coach the 2011 BBVA Compass Bowl.
  • As the Big East BCS representative, the Cardinals defeated BBVA Compass Bowl.
  • They were invited to the BBVA Compass Bowl where they were defeated by Vanderbilt.
  • On December 22, 2011, BBVA Compass Bowl and a 6 7 final record.
  • TaxSlayer . com has also been an associate sponsor of the Armed Forces Bowl and BBVA Compass Bowl.
  • To help negate the effect of this downwards force, the center of gravity of the compass bowl hangs below the pivot.
  • His Rebels accepted a bid to play in the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama, on January 5, 2013.
  • BBVA Compass was the title sponsor of the BBVA Compass Bowl, now the Birmingham Bowl, a college football bowl game played annually in Birmingham.
  • Cincinnati ( 10 3 ) defeated Vanderbilt in the Autozone Liberty Bowl, and Pittsburgh lost to SMU 28-6 in the BBVA Compass Bowl.
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