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compartmentation meaning

"compartmentation" in a sentence
  • [Medicine]
    n : intracellular partitioning of cellular substances and metabolic activities by membranes
  • A complete analysis of the compartmentation of hydrolases is difficult to achieve.
  • Fire resisting construction and compartmentation in common parts
  • For example, the improvement extent of the ability of na + compartmentation was less
  • Prevention of cross-contamination by minimizing air turbulences and setting proper compartmentation
  • The engine room compartmentation was an improvement over the C and D classes.
  • Unfortunately, the US usage is " compartmented " or " compartmentation ".
  • My proposal would be to rename the " compartmentalization " article to " compartmentation ".
  • The disambiguation page on compartmentalization would also need to change the intelligence-related link to compartmentation.
  • During construction, the builder reconfigured " New York " s boiler arrangement for tighter compartmentation.
  • The Leopard 2's design follows the concept of compartmentation; possible sources of fire or explosions have been moved away from the crew.
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