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compartmentalise meaning

"compartmentalise" in a sentence
  • The windows vista operating system is more compartmentalised, so bits can easily be upgraded
  • So as to compartmentalise at least part to the buoyant volume.
  • The gardens are compartmentalised and divided into themes : Egypt, China, etc.
  • The locomotive body was compartmentalised, with side doors and a sliding roof allowing access.
  • The Burj Khalifa is highly compartmentalised.
  • The Oxford Bar retains its original compartmentalised form, which many other local bars have lost.
  • The engine was compartmentalised from the crew, and the turret structure included forward and rear firing machine guns.
  • The kitchen contains an operable, wood burning stove, sink and a large, old, compartmentalised fridge.
  • Webb preferred something else, however : a mixture of natural styles combining old-fashioned formality and compartmentalised gardens.
  • The flat compartmentalised ceiling is a more restrained version of that of the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Venice.
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