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come down meaning

Synonyms of "come down""come down" in a sentence
  • 1. come down to fall down from a higher position to a lower one, often to the ground:
    Snow was coming down in huge flakes which soon covered the ground.
    The ceiling looked like it might come down at any moment.
    2. come down if a price or the level of something comes down, it becomes lower:
    Do you think property prices might come down even further?
    Interest rates have come down considerably over the past year.
    Lottie had a terrible fever in the night, but by the next morning her temperature was coming down.
    SIMILAR TO: fall, decrease formal
    3. come down to visit or move to the place where the person speaking is - use this especially when the place is further south:
    Would you like to come down for the weekend?
    + from
    Corinne's coming down from New York for Thanksgiving.
    4. come down to accept a lower price than you have asked, for something that you are selling:
    They're asking $150, 000 for the house, but they might come down a bit.
    + to
    In the end he agreed to come down to $2000.
    5. come down if a building, wall etc comes down, it is destroyed because it is not wanted any more:
    The Berlin wall came down in 1989.
    Eventually the old farm cottages came down, and modern housing developments went up.
    SIMILAR TO: be demolished
    6. come down if a plane comes down, it crashes to the ground, or it lands somewhere where it had not planned to land:
    The plane came down in Bilmermeer, and there were no survivors.
    Due to a severe sandstorm, the plane had to come down in the desert.
    7. come down to reach as far as a particular point or place:
    I'd love to have a garden that comes down to the river here.
    His fine blond hair came down almost to his shoulders.
    8. come down if knowledge, tradition, ideas etc come down to people, they have been passed from older people to younger people over a long period of time:
    + to
    Most of what we know of this civilization comes down to us in stories.
    It's a tradition that has come down to us through several centuries.
    SIMILAR TO: be handed down
    9. come down in favour of/against sth/sb to decide to support or oppose something or someone, after thinking about it carefully
    come down in favour of sth/sb
    The president is expected to come down in favor of military intervention in Kosovo.
    come down on the side of sth/sb
    When the German people had to decide whether Berlin or Bonn should be their capital, they came down on the side of Berlin.
    The judge in the case came down on the side of the unions.
    come down against sth/sb
    The Board of Directors came down against the merger.
    SIMILAR TO: come out
    10. come down informal to gradually stop feeling the excitement caused by taking an illegal drug or by a very enjoyable experience
    + off
    An addict coming down off heroin is in a dangerous and deeply depressed state.
    + from
    International matches are incredibly exciting, and players have to learn how to come down from them afterwards.
    come-down n singular BrE something that is much less enjoyable or interesting than what you have been doing before, or than what you expected:
    My next job was a bit of a come-down, but I needed the money.
    11. come down if an order, message etc comes down, it is sent to people from someone in authority:
    The order came down from the boss that we were to speed up the production and worry less about the quality.
    It'll be ages before a decision comes down to us about it.
    12. come down BrE old-fashioned to leave a university after finishing your course
    + from
    Adrian joined the family firm after coming down from Cambridge.
    SIMILAR TO: leave

  • [American idiom]
    [for something] to descend (to someone) through inheritance.
    All my silverware came down to me from my great-grandmother.
    The antique furniture came down through my mother's family.

  • [American slang]
    Fig. [for someone] to scold or punish someone or a group severely.
      The judge really came down on the petty crooks.
      The critics came down much too hard on the performance.
  • We hope to come down to london next week.
  • His son has just come down from oxford.
  • The fierce robbers come down from the mountains.
  • We were forced to come down in a field.
  • They began to come down on him like thunder.
  • Dark night was coming down prematurely.
  • The courts are coming down heavily on young offenders.
  • I think i am coming down with a cold.
  • Do not come down too hard on her.
  • I heard footsteps slowly coming down the stairs.
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