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colloidal meaning

Synonyms of "colloidal""colloidal" in a sentence
  • Adjective: colloidal  ku'loydl
    1. Of or relating to or having the properties of a colloid

    See also: colloid, colloidally

    Encyclopedia: Colloidal

  • Viruses are colloidal particles.
  • colloidal particles are bombarded by molecules of the dispersion medium.
  • A substantial portion of the solution is aggregated to form units of colloidal size.
  • Soap does not often occur as a colloidal suspension except in laundry waste.
  • One case is that of tiny dust particles or colloidal particles suspended in a fluid.
  • A sol that consists of solid particles suspended in a liquid is a colloidal suspension.
  • A foam is a colloidal system in which gas bubbles are dispersed in a liquid or solid.
  • Frictional behavior is modified by colloidal silica or starch deposition.
  • Clays are produced by mechanical and chemical weathering and primarily colloidal in size.
  • colloidal particles are formed in considerable amounts in hard-rock drilling and blasting operation.
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