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coastal meaning

Synonyms of "coastal""coastal" in a sentence
  • Adjective: coastal  kowst(u)l
    1. Of or relating to a coast
      "coastal erosion" 
    2. Located on or near or bordering on a coast
      "coastal marshes"; "coastal waters"; "the Atlantic coastal plain"

    See also: coast, coastwise, inshore, maritime, seaward

    Antonym: inland

    Encyclopedia: Coastal

  • Many marine transgressions occur across coastal plains.
  • The typhoon hit the coastal areas.
  • Always this long coastal road bulked in my mind.
  • They've published a few studies on coastal problems.
  • The " seaside " is a coastal area where people go on holiday.
  • There is no difficulty in measuring water levels in coastal waters.
  • Surf action on coastal areas has produced other quantities.
  • This factor plays a significant role in virus decline in coastal waters.
  • coastal deposits are those sediments deposited at or near sea level.
  • European "america" was no more than a string of isolated coastal settlements.
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