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clay mineral meaning

"clay mineral" in a sentence

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  • noun
      Any of a group of water-soluble aluminium silicates that are the chief constituents of clay


  • Bentonite is an expandable three-layer clay mineral.
  • They are stabilized through absorption by clay minerals.
  • Two basic types of clay minerals are present in most soils.
  • The ability of clay minerals to catalyse decarboxylation has long been recognised.
  • It occurs as an exchangeable base in the clay mineral and organic fractions of soils.
  • The surface area of crystalline clay minerals is highly dependent on the extent of lattice expansion.
  • The smectites are the most effective of the clay minerals as catalysts of these organic reactions.
  • Specific evidence for coordination complexes between pesticides and clay minerals is quite limited.
  • These changes reflect the effects of burial diagenesis on the originally deposited clay mineral assemblage.
  • Essentially the catalytic properties of clay minerals arise because of their ability to donate protons or accept electrons in reaction mechanisms.
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