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clam meaning

Synonyms of "clam""clam" in a sentence
  • The barnacle and the clam are two examples of filter feeders.
  • I have fish, oysters and clams . could you help me clean them?
  • You can't talk with those peasants. they can clam up as well as the foreign office.
  • That's 200 to one . that would pay a million clams
  • I'll bet she's as juicy as a freshwater clam
  • B : yup ! i also like clam soup and sea cucumbers
  • Today we have chicken noodle, tomato and clam chowder
  • It's not that bad .-it sounds like a clam bake
  • -clam up for no reason, huh ?-we'll see
  • They are afraid he's going to clam up on them
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