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chirrup meaning

Synonyms of "chirrup""chirrup" in a sentence
  • The chirrup of grasshoppers and crickets echoed across cacti and juniper.
  • They burble and chirrup and sound like the young of all mammals : adorable.
  • You exchange a few words on the sidewalk and, inevitably, her cell phone chirrups forth.
  • In courtship the male chirrups, bobs his head and stomps his foot and the female rasps and squeals.
  • "We're here, " she chirrups as we round the corner and pull into her drive.
  • "Darlin', " she chirrups, " don't put it off until you're dead.
  • There Mr Chirrup ( Hall ) is described as having the smartness and  the brisk, quick manner of a small bird.
  • The usual call is a " chirrup " but the song is distinctive and repetitive " chilp chalp cholp ".
  • He scratched records, and sometimes just the needle itself, to make chirrups, whistles, shivers, whooshes, scrapes and hard-rock chords.
  • Other sounds produced include a purring chirrup denoting pleasure, and a " kee-yak ", which resembles one of the vocalisations of the tawny owl.
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