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changeover point meaning

"changeover point" in a sentence
  • [Architecture]

    The temperature at which the thermal transmission loss to the outside of a building equals the heat gain in the interior, so that cooling or heating is not required.

  • However, Rickmansworth is still the changeover point for drivers on the Metropolitan line.
  • They manage to escape to a changeover point where they abandon the car and change to a van.
  • :The conduit / trolley changeover point in Washington was not at the state line, or not always.
  • On the LT & S the changeover point was just east of Barking station on both Upminster and Tilbury routes.
  • It can provide frictionless, accurate and instant switching actions that are necessary to operate the changeover point at 30 degrees.
  • When Enfield Yard was closed for redevelopment in the mid-1990s, the sidings became a locomotive changeover point for freight trains.
  • The station is also still used by special trains and steam-hauled railway tours as a water stop and traction changeover point.
  • The railway wheels were wood laminate; a wooden ramp was provided at the changeover point and the driver steered so as to descend on to the rails.
  • Rugby Central was roughly midway along the Great Central Main Line ( GCML ) and was a stopping point for express services as well as a changeover point for local services.
  • The changeover point depends on the precise aerodynamics of your vehicle, but it usually occurs somewhere around typical highway speeds .-- talk ) 23 : 17, 10 June 2014 ( UTC)
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