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cell components meaning

"cell components" in a sentence
  • [Medicine]
    Components of a cell.
  • The isolation of other cell components is generally associated with the bursting of vacuoles.
  • New fuel-cell components will revolutionize the auto industry
  • Effect of long term voyage on blood cell component and rheology of sailors in naval ship and nuclear-powered submarine
  • Effect of complex-probiotic-preparation on blood cell components and rheology parameters of sailors in nuclear-powered submarine during long term voyage
  • Cell degrading enzymes ( cdes ) produced by phytopathogenic bacteria reduce plant cell components to compounds useful for pathogen nutrition
  • The prime requirements for anode materials are good electrical properties, a poly-hole microstructure and compatibility with other fuel cell components
  • Cell components and proteins in this image are not to scale.
  • Lewy bodies appear as spherical masses that displace other cell components.
  • This treatment enriches large macromolecular structures and discards smaller cell components.
  • Long term battery operation requires chemical stability of all cell components.
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