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cell adhesion meaning

"cell adhesion" in a sentence

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  • [Medicine]
    Adherence of cells to surfaces or to other cells.


  • Another area of current interest concerns the possible role of cell surface glycoproteins in cell adhesion.
  • Effects of motif rgd-containing small peptides on cell adhesion
  • Analysis of hepg2 cells adhesion by piezoelectric cell-based sensor chip
  • Cadherin mediated cell cell adhesion
  • Prokaryotic expression of neural cell adhesion molecule l1-ig and its function
  • Liver cell adhesion molecule, lcam
  • Structure and action of neural cell adhesion molecules in nervous system
  • Study progress in cell adhesion molecule and the pathogenesy of coronary heart disease
  • Effect of cell adhesion on vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein phosphorylation
  • The effects of xueshuanxinmaining on cell adhesion molecules in dyslipidemia patients
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