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causalgia meaning

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  • Noun: causalgia  ko'zalj(ee)u
    1. A burning pain in a limb along the course of a peripheral nerve; usually associated with skin changes

    Derived forms: causalgias

    Type of: hurting, pain

    Encyclopedia: Causalgia

  • [Medicine]
    A complex regional pain syndrome characterized by burning pain and marked sensitivity to touch (HYPERESTHESIA) in the distribution of an injured peripheral nerve. Autonomic dysfunction in the form of sudomotor (i.e.,sympathetic innervation to sweat glands),vasomotor,and trophic skin changes may also occur. (Adams et al.,Principles of Neurology,6th ed,p1359) n : a constant usu. burning pain resulting from injury to a peripheral nerve — cau·sal·gic adj


  • Silas Weir Mitchell discovered and treated causalgia ( today known as CRPS / RSD ), a condition most often encountered by hand surgeons.
  • Mayfield wrote numerous papers and a book about the treatment of causalgia ( intense pain resulting from wounds to peripheral nerves ) with surgical sympathectomy.
  • A graduate of Moscow State University ( 1919 ), in 1936 he wrote a thesis on  Causalgia treatment and in 1947 his thesis was on  Intracranial pressure.
  • "' Silas Weir Mitchell "'( February 15, 1829  January 4, 1914 ) was an American physician and writer known for his discovery of causalgia ( complex regional pain syndrome ) and erythromelalgia.

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