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cattery meaning

"cattery" in a sentence
  • Noun: cattery
    1. A place for breeding or boarding cats

    Derived forms: catteries

    Encyclopedia: Cattery

  • [Medicine]
    n pl -ter·ies : a place for the breeding, raising, or care of cats
  • We are the first cattery import & breed " pixie-bob "-- the " big foot " in hong kong
  • Promote the proper way of admiring & caring of cats & dogs . welcome to our cattery to play with the cats & dogs
  • Veterinary practices and a boarding cattery are among the local businesses.
  • Storrs House Farm has operated a boarding cattery for many years.
  • But the breeds at the cattery are no ordinary either.
  • Sandford hosts several businesses, including some farms and a boarding cattery.
  • None were ever registered under the Lund name from the Sig Tim Hil Cattery.
  • Try to take the pet out of the immediate kennel or cattery area if possible.
  • A cattery exists at Brandlesholme Hall Farm.
  • The community has an active church, a hand-made pottery business and a boarding cattery.
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