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casemix meaning

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  • noun
      A database system for storing information about medical patients, based on classification according to specific predetermined characteristics such as age, severity of illness, diagnosis, etc


  • Nosologists are usually expert in more than one classification, including morbidity, mortality and casemix.
  • Casemix is a system that measures hospital performance, aiming to reward initiatives that increase efficiency in hospitals.
  • The coded data can be grouped further into billing process by hospitals and practices; as the " cost per item " of healthcare is based on the casemix.
  • After adjustment for casemix, there was no difference between weekends and weekdays ( P = 0 . 87 ) or between night-time and daytime ( P = 0 . 21 ).
  • In the Netherlands, the casemix system is called a " DBC " ( Dutch : " Diagnosebehandelcombinatie " ), and can be defined as a predefined average care package, which is applied with a fixed price when a specific diagnosis occurs.

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