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  • Noun: casemate  'keys`meyt
    1. A fortified chamber in which cannon may be placed to be fired through embrasures; or one capable of being used as a magazine, or for quartering troops

    Derived forms: casemates

    Encyclopedia: Casemate

  • [Architecture]

    A vault or chamber in a bastion, having openings for the firing of weapons.


  • The casemate carriage has a lower profile than the barbette carriages.
  • The Casemate d'Esch is operated by the same organization.
  • Both the belt and casemate armor were backed by of wood.
  • The transverse bulkheads on either end of the casemate were thick.
  • Two of the 15 cm guns were removed from their casemate positions.
  • The casemate guns were protected by 160 180 mm thick armor plating.
  • Fortifications included a casemate wall and a four-room city gate.
  • Inside the casemate, the guns were housed in one continuous deck.
  • The upper section of the casemate had thinner armor, at thick.
  • The casemate guns were protected with 140 mm of armor.
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