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casein glue meaning

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  • Noun: casein glue  keyseen gloo
    1. Made from casein; used for e.g. plywood and cabinetwork

    Derived forms: casein glues

    Type of: glue, gum, mucilage

  • [Architecture]

    Glue made from milk protein; esp. used in carpentry and joinery.


  • The following decades of the next century witnessed the manufacture of casein glues in German and Swiss factories.
  • It was crafted from thin sheets of Queensland pine and walnut glued under pressure with aircraft casein glue.
  • The casein glue, it was said, cracked when exposed to extreme heat and / or monsoon conditions.
  • In 1876, the first US patent ( number 183, 024 ) was issued to the Ross brothers for the production of casein glue.
  • The outcome was then baptized with a water-soluble resin casein glue ( bond 484 tacky ), poured from a plant-watering can with a shower-sprinkle spout.
  • The process of glue lamination, using casein glue to bond the layers of timber rather than bolts, originated in Germany before being introduced to the United States in the 1920s.
  • An innovative soundproofing material called Celotex ( made of sugar cane waste and casein glue, originally used by L & K in their design of Temple Israel in Minneapolis and then at their first atmospheric theater, the Granada in Minneapolis ) contributed to its acoustics.
  • Its C of A expired again in July 1974 because its wing had been damaged by damp ( casein glue failure ) during the previous winter, when it had been left out in its closed trailer at St . Mary's Farm, Clifton, near Deddington, Oxon.

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