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casei meaning

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  • Assessment of potential probiotic properties of l . casei
  • Folic acid casei medium
  • Isolation and identification of lactobacillus casei from natural fermented meat products
  • Fermentation properties of 4 strains of lactobacillus casei isolated from traditionally home-made koumiss in inner mongolian of china
  • Results indicate that lactobacillus casei possesses probiotic properties and can be used as oral vaccine carrier to deliver heterologous antigen
  • Weya enim tam plumbi quam lane lini sepi casei ponderabunt xiiii . petras.
  • Casu marzu goes beyond typical cheese fly " Piophila casei ".
  • Defensis or Immunitas ( s ) and more recently as L . casei Danone.
  • It is brought goalkeeper Florea Birta _ u free of contract after the disband of Casei Armatei C�mpulung Moldovenesc.
  • Since 1994, " L . casei " based yogurts have become a common product in West European supermarkets.
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