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cartridge meaning

[ 'kɑ:tridʒ ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "cartridge""cartridge" in a sentence
  • Noun: cartridge  kaa(r)trij
    1. Ammunition consisting of a cylindrical casing containing an explosive charge and a bullet; fired from a rifle or handgun 
    2. A light-tight supply chamber holding the film and supplying it for exposure as required
      - magazine 
    3. A module designed to be inserted into a larger piece of equipment
      "he loaded a cartridge of fresh tape into the tape deck" 
    4. An electro-acoustic transducer that is the part of the arm of a record player that holds the needle and that is removable
      - pickup

    Derived forms: cartridges

    Type of: ammo, ammunition, electro-acoustic transducer, module, supply chamber

    Part of: camera, phonograph, photographic camera, record player

    Encyclopedia: Cartridge

  • [Architecture]

    Same as cartouche.

  • [Electronics]
    1. The replaceable transducer assembly of a microphone.
    2. A magnetic-tape magazine. Also see TAPE CARTRIDGE.
    3. A removable computer mass-storage medium, containing a tape, magnetic diskette, or optical diskette.
    4. An insulating tube housing a fuse, semiconductor component, resistor, capacitor, or other part.
  • These can be exploded with a cartridge.
  • I want two extra clips and a box of cartridges.
  • The cartridge is ejected automatically.
  • These can be ignited as by means of a squib or exploded with a cartridge.
  • These increments were mixed and looked into the 5. 56 mm cartridge case.
  • If it is necessary to drill helper holes, never drill in the neighbourhood of the cartridge.
  • Impulsive loads for structural tests have been generated by explosive cartridges or by small rockets.
  • But for a slight rhythmic movement of the cartridge box at the back of his belt he might have been thought to be dead.
  • They came face to face with a man in a maroon-coloured shirt, who was feverishly pushing cartridges into a large revolver.
  • He also ran errands for the ward and in his spare time made me a cigarette lighter out of an empty austrian rifle cartridge.
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