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cartridge holder meaning

Synonyms of "cartridge holder""cartridge holder" in a sentence
  • Information about the ink levels and other data is exchanged when cartridge meets cartridge holder.
  • A . Printers these days can be awfully fussy about their ink cartridges sitting precisely in their cartridge holders, often refusing to print unless everything is just so.
  • After you turn off the printer and remove the cartridges, gently clean the copper plates on the cartridge and contacts inside cartridge holder to clear away any debris.
  • Currently, CELLINK offers two bioprinters, the INKREDIBLE and INKREDIBLE +, the major difference between the two being the Clean Chamber Technology and the Heated Cartridge holders in the INKREDIBLE +.
  • As you know from installing the cartridge, there are green and copper chips on the outside of the container that match up with electrical contacts on the ink-cartridge holder inside the printer.
  • :: It should say something about what cartridge should go in on the cartridge holder itself ( my HP one has the cartridge number on the holder ) .-- G 04 : 50, 17 August 2007 ( UTC)
  • Prior to the introduction of speedloaders for revolvers, reloading of revolvers was always accomplished by manually loading each cartridge into each chamber from cartridge loops on a belt or bandolier, a cartridge pouch, or other cartridge holder, such as a pocket.
  • His flight leader Verl Jett wished him good luck as heavy rain shorted our his propellor advance electric controls and he lost RPM and was going down in 1 / 3 mile visibility  he had his boy scout compass with him he recalls and by luck he saw the ship and circled and choose to ditch and hit his head hard on cockpit panel, His MAE West life jacket did not inflate automatically, a design flaw with length of the CO2 cartridge, which was forwared up the line so a design change could be made, instead, they improvised and packed the cartridge holder with a newspaper pad to ensure it would work.
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