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cartridge filter meaning

"cartridge filter" in a sentence
  • [Engineering]
    "A filter for the clarification of process liquids containing small amounts of solids, turgid liquid flows between thin metal disks, assembled in a vertical stack, to openings in a central shaft supporting the disks, and solids are trapped between the disk"
  • Zmlt series pulse jet cartridge filter is the column dust collector which can be use in a much more higher air volume range
  • However cartridge filters are more popular because of the minimal maintenance involved.
  • Cartridge filters have a pleated synthetic fabric element to trap dirt and debris.
  • After the lint filter, the solvent passes through an absorptive cartridge filter.
  • However, some cars, notably Saturn, use a spin-on cartridge filter.
  • It is then pumped through a cartridge filter which is usually spiral-wound cotton.
  • NPP LILWs consist of misc . radioactive solids, spent resins, and cartridge filters.
  • In most areas cartridge filters are less expensive than diatomaceous earth filters but cost more than sand filters.
  • A typical system incorporates a series of disposable or cleanable pre-filters, a disposable vee-bag or cartridge filter.
  • In some cases it may be sufficient to simply hose off the cartridge filter a few times during swimming season to keep them working properly.
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