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cartridge clip meaning

Synonyms of "cartridge clip""cartridge clip" in a sentence
  • Davis said the gunman dropped a cartridge clip and was trying to load another one.
  • What is important is to know whether you are part of this cartridge clip, or not.
  • Tom then had put the rifles cartridge clip into his pocket, believing that he had disarmed her.
  • The objects later were found to be five . 90-caliber guns, seven cartridge clips and several bullets, police said.
  • David Carey Jr . was asleep when one of his roommates took the cartridge clip out of a 9mm pistol and began waving it around.
  • Curved AK-47 cartridge clips lay carefully stacked in fours on a series of seven plastic tarps laid out in the dust behind the car.
  • It is a bolt action five cartridge clip loading shoulder weapon . it is 44 . 87 inches long and weighs approximately 8 . 69 pounds.
  • Eight or nine spent cartridge clips _ each capable of containing 10 to 15 rounds _ were found in the school, as were numerous shotgun shells.
  • Instead of a belt or box magazine, the Type 11 was designed to hold up to six of the same cartridge clips used on the Type 38 rifle.
  • No matter that the gun in " Gun " isn't a revolver, but with only six weeks to impress viewers, " Gun " had better make sure there are no more blanks in its cartridge clip.
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