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cartridge brass meaning

Synonyms of "cartridge brass""cartridge brass" in a sentence
  • Noun: cartridge brass  kaa(r)trij brãs
    1. An alloy of copper and zinc (containing about 30% zinc) that is wrought into cartridges or tubing

    Derived forms: cartridge brasses

    Type of: brass

    Encyclopedia: Cartridge brass

  • Standard specification for cartridge brass cartridge case cups
  • Standard specification for cartridge brass sheet, strip, plate, bar, and disks
  • Postwar Selmer saxophones were manufactured from the same industry standard " cartridge brass " stock as most other saxophones.
  • Hands made of cartridge brass, painted white, filled with green luminescent paint, the tip of the second hand was luminescent orange with tritium ( hydrogen 3 ) as the luminescent.
  • The company bought a paper manufacturer ( the Ecusta Paper Company in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina ), a lead shot facility, an explosive primer facility, a cartridge brass manufacturing facility, and a fiber wad facility.
  • Construction of a 30, 000 sq . ft . building is planned for completion in 2016 and will house Nosler s growing ammunition and cartridge brass operations, including the manufacturing of their SSA by Nosler product line based on the company s acquisition of Silver State Armory in 2013.
  • The cartridge brass case was around long, and contained three types of loads : light at 12 drams, 14 drams at regular, and 16 drams of powder at heavy load . ( Note : 1 dram = 27 . 34375 grains in the avoirdupois system, since 256 drams = 7000 grains = 1 pound of powder.
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