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cartouche meaning

Synonyms of "cartouche""cartouche" in a sentence
  • Noun: cartouche  kaa(r)'toosh
    1. A cartridge (usually with paper casing)
      - cartouch

    Type of: cartridge

    Encyclopedia: Cartouche

  • [Architecture]

    An ornamental tablet often inscribed or decorated, and framed with elaborate scroll-like carving.


    A modillion of curved form.


    In Egyptian hieroglyphics and derivatives, a frame around the Pharaoh's name.

  • The reading and translation of his cartouche name is also disputed.
  • Venus, Jean-Paul Belmondo s love in the Cartouche.
  • Senebkay's name was found inscribed inside a royal cartouche.
  • In it we are probably witnessing the invention of the Philadelphia cartouche.
  • Many featured little shield or cartouche areas to be monogrammed.
  • On the crest of the cartouche, the canon ejects its ball.
  • In addition, several alabaster vases bearing Unas'cartouche are known.
  • cartouche representing the audience of William Adams with the Shogun.
  • He also noted a cartouche on the sixth cylinder of the column.
  • On the shrine sits between two angels another inscription cartouche.
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