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cartouch meaning

Synonyms of "cartouch""cartouch" in a sentence
  • Noun: cartouch
    1. A cartridge (usually with paper casing)
      - cartouche

    Derived forms: cartouches

    Type of: cartridge

    Encyclopedia: Cartouch

  • Various cartouches show hounds roaring to get started on the hunt.
  • This table template produces a single cartouches for an Egyptian name.
  • The cartouches formed phrases, with primary phrases overlapping subordinate phrases.
  • The cartouches in the garlands typically depict religious or mythological themes.
  • Cartouches ( scrolled ovals ) separate the first and second stories.
  • The ceiling has studded bands, strapwork cartouches and a broad frieze.
  • The columns support plaster beams decorated with faces, starbursts and cartouches.
  • Several other compound cartouches can be found in this chamber.
  • He also started as a designer sketching cartouches, garlands and tendrils.
  • All " chequerboard " carpets have borders with cartouches and lobed medallions.
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