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cardiac glands meaning

"cardiac glands" in a sentence
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  • [Medicine]
    Surface epithelium in the stomach that invaginates into the lamina propria,forming gastric pits. Tubular glands,characteristic of each region of the stomach (cardiac,gastric,and pyloric),empty into the gastric pits. The gastric mucosa is made up of several different kinds of cells.
  • cardiac gland region
  • Only cardiac glands are found here and they primarily secrete mucus.
  • Cardiac glands are unique to mammals, and even then are absent in a number of species.
  • Furthermore, in many non-human mammals, a portion of the stomach anterior to the cardiac glands is lined with epithelium essentially identical to that of the esophagus.
  • The "'cardiac glands "'are found in the cardia of the stomach which is the part nearest to the heart, enclosing the opening where the esophagus joins to the stomach.
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