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cap meaning

[ kæp ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "cap""cap" in a sentence
  • Noun: cap  kap
    1. A tight-fitting headdress 
    2. A top (as for a bottle) 
    3. A mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive; can be used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive
      - detonator, detonating device 
    4. Something serving as a cover or protection 
    5. A fruiting structure resembling an umbrella or a cone that forms the top of a stalked fleshy fungus such as a mushroom
      - pileus 
    6. A protective covering that is part of a plant
      - hood 
    7. An upper limit on what is allowed
      "they established a cap for prices"
      - ceiling, roof 
    8. (dentistry) dental appliance consisting of an artificial crown for a broken or decayed tooth
      - crown, crownwork, jacket, jacket crown 
    9. The upper part of a column that supports the entablature
      - capital, chapiter
    Verb: cap (capped,capping)  kap
    1. Lie at the top of
      "Snow capped the mountains"
      - crest 
    2. Restrict the number or amount of
      "We had to cap the number of people we can accept into our club"

    Derived forms: capped, caps, capping

    Type of: circumscribe, confine, control, cover, covering, dental appliance, explosive device, headdress, headgear, lie, limit, natural covering, plant part, plant structure, protection, protective cover, protective covering, top

    Part of: column, flora, fungus, pillar, plant, plant life

    Encyclopedia: Cap

  • [American slang]
    1. n. a capsule of a drug.
    • Do you want it in caps or elixir?
    • She spilled the caps on the floor and had to find every single one of them.

  • [Architecture]

    Usually, the topmost member of any vertical architectural element, often projecting, with a drip as protection from the weather, e.g., the coping of a wall, top of a pedestal or buttress, the lintel of a door, etc.


    A layer of concrete placed over rock in the bottom of foundation excavations to level the exposed surface, prevent its deterioration by weathering, and protect it from other damage.


    The upper member of a column, pilaster, door cornice, molding, and the like; also called cap trim, wainscot cap, dado cap, chair rail cap, capital.


    A fitting used to close the top end of a tubular newel.


    A blasting cap.


    A fitting used to close the end of a pipe.


    A plane surface which is bonded to the bearing surface of a test specimen during its strength testing to ensure a uniform load distribution.

  • [Business]
    noun, verb



    1 [C]

    an upper limit on an amount of money that can be spent, borrowed or charged:

    The government has put a cap on local council spending.

    Domestic electricity consumers (= families that use electricity) are protected by a price cap.

    ❖ to impose/put/set a cap on sth

    2 (Stock Exchange , informal) [U; sing.]

    a short way of saying or writing capitalization (= the amount of money that shareholders have invested in a company by buying shares):

    The company has a market cap of $30 million.

    verb [+ obj] (-pp-)

    1 (often be capped)

    to put a top limit on sth, for example, the amount of money that can be spent, lent, charged, etc:

    The government's new plan involves cutting public spending and capping the price of goods and services.

    For the first year the service is offered at a capped rate of $200 a month.

    The conference caps its attendance at 400 (= only 400 people can attend).

    The mortgage is capped at 7.25% (= the interest rate will never rise above this figure).



    to finish sth, such as a process or a period of time, in a particular way:

    The company capped a very bad year by reporting a $3 billion loss for the final quarter.

  • [Defence]
    Civil Air Patrol; civil augmentation program; combat air patrol; configuration and alarm panel; Consolidated Appeals Process (UN); crisis action planning

  • [Economics]
    1) A ceiling on a price; for example, an interest-rate cap would set a maximum interest rate to be charged on a loan, regardless of prevailing general interest-rate levels. A lender would charge a fee for including a cap at the outset to offset this risk. Caps may also limit annual increases to a certain level.



    See also:


    2) A feature of an option that sets a maximum cost, payout, or return.

  • [Electronics]
    1. Abbreviation of CAPACITANCE.
    2. Abbreviation of CAPACITOR.

  • [Engineering]
    A detonating or blasting cap.

  • [Finance]
    An upper limit on the interest rate on a floating-rate note (FRN) or an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM).

  • [Law]

  • [Medicine]
    vb capped; cap·ping vt
    1 : to invest (a student nurse) with a cap as an indication of completion of a probationary period of study
    2 : to cover (a diseased or exposed part of a tooth) with a protective substance
    3 : to form a chemical cap on ‹the capped end of a messenger RNA›
    ¦ vi : to form or produce a chemical cap ‹erythrocytes and fibroblasts usually do not cap›
    1 capacity
    2 capsule
    n often attrib
    1 : a natural cover or top: as
    a : PILEUS
    2 : something that serves as a cover or protection esp. for a tip, knob, or end (as of a tooth)
    3 Brit : CERVICAL CAP
    4 : a cluster of molecules or chemical groups bound to one end or a region of a cell, virus, or molecule ‹the cell surface receptors were redistributed into cap s

  • [Computer]
    1. <networking> Columbia AppleTalk Package.

    2. <communications> Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation.

    3. <networking> Competitive Access Provider
  • On her head was a tiny cap of silver tissue.
  • All gentlewomen wear such caps as these.
  • My little sister has a red swimming cap.
  • There is a film of mould over the bottle cap.
  • Morris began to smooth his cap again.
  • They took off his coat and cap and muffler.
  • If the cap fits, wear it.
  • Do n't put feathers in your own cap.
  • He wadded his cap into his pocket.
  • You will be setting your cap at him now.
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