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cal meaning

"cal" in a sentence
  • abbreviation) Computer-Assisted Learning; learnware


  • [Architecture]

    On drawings, abbr. for “calorie.”

  • [Defence]
    caliber; critical asset list

  • [Medicine]
    abbr small calorie
    abbr large calorie

  • [Oil and gas]

  • [Thermodynamics]
    See calorie

  • [Computer]
    1. Computer Assisted Learning.

    2. Course Author Language.
  • The deviations should not exceed 25 cal.
  • But there's a research loft at cal tech
  • Ti nk says the bi rd's cal led a . . . " wendy.
  • So i cal i her, and she's changed her num ber
  • Naughty cal and his pals ran the waves to somewhere
  • Listen, cal, we need to talk to a counselor
  • Ti nk says the bi rd's cal led a . . . " wendy.
  • cal xml xml encoding of generic common application language
  • cal she starts doing his pubes, i'm out of here
  • I mean, i'd be the coolest guy in cal tech
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