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cake meaning

[ keik ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "cake""cake" in a sentence

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  • Noun: cake  keyk
    1. A block of solid substance (such as soap or wax)
      - bar 
    2. Small flat mass of chopped food
      - patty 
    3. Baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat
    Verb: cake  keyk
    1. Form a coat over
      - coat

    Derived forms: caked, cakes, caking

    Type of: baked goods, block, cover, dish, spread over

    Encyclopedia: Cake

  • [American slang]
    n. money.
    • I can't scrape together enough cake to do the job.
    • I don't have cake in my pocket, in the bank, or under my mattress. What am I going to do?


  • Phoebe baked incomparable banana cakes.
  • He gives a very good recipe for cakes.
  • Thus the final cake moisture is lower.
  • I often bake chocolate cake by myself.
  • I don't want a miserable little cake.
  • Would you care for another piece of cake?
  • We discuss the business over tea and cakes.
  • It was the best cake i ever ate.
  • The child stared open-mouthed at the huge cake.
  • He ate the cake provided for his breakfast.
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Other Languages

  • "cake" meaning in Chinese: n. 1.饼,糕;〔古语〕扁形小面包;〔苏格兰语〕燕麦饼;〔美国〕烧饼。2.(肥皂等)饼状物,(衣服等上的)硬泥块...
  • "cake" meaning in Japanese: 1cake n. 菓子, ケーキ; かたまり. 【動詞+】 ◆bake a cake ケーキを焼く ◆Don't b...
  • "cake" meaning in Korean: 케이크, 양과자, 케이크 한개, 얇고 납작한 빵(pancake), 핫케이크, 귀리로 만든 단단한 비스킷(...
  • "cake" meaning in Russian: 1) торт; кекс; сладкий пирог Ex: a piece of cake кусок кек...
  • "cake" meaning in Arabic: n. كعكة, كعكة الفاكهة, قشرة صلبة, صفعة
  • "cake" meaning in French: n. gâteau, pâtisserie, biscuit; pain (sucre, savon); tab...
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