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by the bye meaning

Synonyms of "by the bye""by the bye" in a sentence
  • "by the bye, what became of the baby ? " said cass
  • Janet, by the bye, it was you who made me the offer
  • by the bye, how have you got on with your new pupil this morning
  • by the bye
  • by the bye, there s one of that kidney who has taken the name-where have i heard of him
  • Thant, by the bye, made the first cut, but not the second.
  • After that, the Jets play the Cardinals in Arizona, followed by the bye week.
  • :: By the bye,'jargoning'is also a noun, though presumably archaic.
  • He says he was helped by the bye week, and now he gets an extra day between games.
  • By the bye week, they had a 4 & ndash; 2 record after defeating the Buffalo Bills in week 6.
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