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by the book meaning

"by the book" in a sentence
  • Adverb: by the book
    1. Exactly obeying the rules

  • [American slang]
    following the rules exactly. (Alludes to a (numbered) book of rules. Typically: go ~; do something ~; play ~; run something ~.)
      The judge of the contest ran things strictly by the rules and disqualified us on a small technicality.
      Everyone insisted that we go by the numbers and not accept the proposal.
  • Elizabeth was consumed by the book.
  • He is always careful to do things by the book.
  • He always goes by the book.
  • He showed little initiative, handling all matters strictly by the book.
  • But the spell cast by the book was clearly too powerful
  • Man 1 let's do this by the book .-man 2 hallway is secure
  • I think we should play it by the book
  • The novel i had thrown away was chosen by the book society
  • That you can't do everything by the book or with principles
  • That you can't do everything by the book or with principles
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