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by numbers meaning

"by numbers" in a sentence
  • (of a procedure, etc) performed in simple stages with foolproof guidance provided (as if) in the form of a sequence of numbered instructions or steps
  • The recent trial has satisfied him of his inability to escape, when purchased so closely by numbers.
  • As an adjunct to this study, he has identified every sandstone and siltstone unit within the morrowan by number.
  • Woman on p . a . : usa goal scored by number 10, johnson
  • 1 . students by number of grade as in hkale
  • Total storage capacity is limited by number of songs
  • Runlevels are designated by number or letter
  • Produces the following capturing groups by number and name
  • These may be indicated by number or by name
  • Alternatively, you can note the last plug-in loaded by number in the
  • Ordering songs by numbers . fully original sound and disc,
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