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busily meaning

Synonyms of "busily""busily" in a sentence

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  • Adverb: busily  bizulee
    1. In a busy manner
      "they were busily engaged in buying souvenirs"

    See also: busy


  • She was busily preparing for the finals.
  • He was busily employed in cleaning his shoes.
  • The birds pecked busily round him.
  • Mr. chen and i were busily engaged this morning.
  • She was busily engaged in the little offices of the table.
  • He abandons his easy walk and moves his legs forward busily.
  • The boat was moored, and the hands busily engaged in taking on wood.
  • The flamingoes had settled on the bank to the far right and were feeding busily.
  • The steward and chambermaid, and all, were busily engaged in cleaning and furbishing.
  • An ant was busily exploring the uncharted territory of paul's suntanned wrist.
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