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bucket along meaning

"bucket along" in a sentence
  • Or try a bucket of breaded or coconut shrimp at El Shrimp Bucket along the marina.
  • The Initials of previous MVPs are engraved in the Beauty Bucket along with a maple leaf recognizing the number of tournaments played.
  • Many of the victims-- mainly impoverished villagers, including schoolchildren-- had been gathered close to the pipe to collect the fuel and sell it by the bucket along roadsides, witnesses said.
  • At that point, since the empty bucket is outside the neighborhood, items are repeatedly displaced in a sequence of hops . ( This is similar to cuckoo hashing, but with the difference that in this case the empty slot is being moved into the neighborhood, instead of items being moved out with the hope of eventually finding an empty slot . ) Each hop brings the open slot closer to the original neighborhood, without invalidating the neighborhood property of any of the buckets along the way.
  • He also explains that the child is the " best philosopher " because of his understanding of the " eternal deep ", which comes from enjoying the world through play : " They are playing with their little spades and sand-buckets along the beach on which the waves break . " In 1992, Susan Eilenberg returned to the dispute and defended Coleridge's analysis by explaining that " It exhibits the workings of the ambivalence Coleridge feels toward the character of Wordsworth's poetry; only now, confronting greater poetry, his uneasiness is greater . . . If Wordsworth's weakness is incongruity, his strength is propriety.
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