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brown stain meaning

"brown stain" in a sentence

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  • [Architecture]

    A chocolate brown stain produced by fungus in the sapwood of some pine trees.


  • Are your kids'teeth sprouting white spots or brown stains?
  • My beautifully painted walls are getting all kinds of brown stains.
  • The latex tends to impart brown stains on whatever it contacts.
  • Its wings are of yellowish-green colour with brown stains.
  • The knots are bleeding through, lighter than the dark brown stain.
  • Q . I have a brown stain on my gray granite countertop.
  • If you stain it a light color, those brown stains can occur.
  • Ah, those brown stains in the dishwasher.
  • There are brown stains all over the inside.
  • The house is 70 years old with a dark brown stain on the shingles.
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