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bromo meaning

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  • [Medicine]
    n pl bromos : a dose of a proprietary effervescent mixture used as a headache remedy, sedative, and antacid; also : such a proprietary product


  • Study on bromo-epoxy resin cured by novolac resins
  • A technological study for synthesis of 1-bromo-2, 4-difluorobenzene
  • But a bottle of bromo can't loveyou back
  • Synthesis of-bromo-4-substituted phenones
  • To mount bromo and catch the sunrise there
  • In the locality time 8day 15 : 20 mt bromo started bursting
  • Report for the 30 examples of condylomata acuminata curing bromo geraminum
  • Two men were killed and five other sinjured when mount bromo hurled rocks
  • Amino 2 bromo 4 hydroxy anthraquinone
  • bromo propionic acid methyl ester
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