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brommer meaning

"brommer" in a sentence

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  • /bromˈər/ (S Afr)
      The bluebottle fly
      ORIGIN: Afrik; onomatopoeic


  • _AFL-CIO President Bernard Brommer.
  • Rita Brommer of Lilburn thinks so.
  • _AFL-CIO President Bernard Brommer
  • The recipe is inside, along with others from Geier and Brommer and Linda Williams Cattanach of Blairsville.
  • Still, Minnesota AFL-CIO president Bernard Brommer said, " We're focused on the membership.
  • We bet Rita Brommer's friends love to see her coming, since she often makes this cake for meetings, parties and hostess gifts when she visits folks out of town.
  • Trails for hikers and bicyclists access the park from the upper harbor parking lot off of Brommer Street and from Mentel Ave . and Agnes St . in Santa Cruz on the north side.
  • This connection between the City of Santa Cruz and the urbanized, unincorporated area of Live Oak was originally planned as a four-lane road-the " Broadway-Brommer Connection ".
  • After a Europe-wide, open competitive bidding, the company Waldkircher Orgelbau J�ger & Brommer was chosen to remove later additions to the organ and restore its original tonal condition from 1944.
  • "This is becoming a catastrophe, and I'm not over-using that word, " said Dennis Brommer, a United Steelworkers of America official in Canton, Ohio.
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