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bridgeable meaning

Synonyms of "bridgeable""bridgeable" in a sentence

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  • Adjective: bridgeable
    1. Capable of being connected by a bridge or as if by a bridge

    See also: bridge

    Antonym: unbridgeable


  • The only disagreement is over language and it is extremely bridgeable.
  • We want to see if differences of view are bridgeable or unbridgeable,
  • It is presumably bridgeable by the wisdom and knowledge that the library symbolizes.
  • I think it is bridgeable _ barely.
  • But the few hundred thousand that separates the two sides is probably a bridgeable gap.
  • These differences are to some degree bridgeable.
  • The disagreements sound marginal and bridgeable.
  • But success depends on the extent to which subtle differences in tone and approach are bridgeable.
  • The complete range would have four bridgeable amplifier channels and an integrated monitoring and control network.
  • The great cultural divide seems less bridgeable than the Atlantic when it comes to the perspiring arts.
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