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bridge abutment meaning

"bridge abutment" in a sentence
  • [Civil engineering]
    The end foundation upon which the bridge superstructure rests.
  • Discussion on the compression stress of the huge u-shaped bridge abutment and design suggestions
  • Analysis of deformation on soft subsoil around bridge abutment considering soil creep property
  • bridge abutment cone
  • Application of cement mixed pile on reinforcement of some highway bridge abutment groundsill
  • Sometimes I want to drive my car into a bridge abutment.
  • A new island was created from the Broad Street Bridge abutment.
  • The system limit is at Lernacken, near the bridge abutment.
  • They had been cut by the Texas Central Railroad for bridge abutments.
  • Staircases in each bridge abutment allow access to the walkway.
  • Geofoam was also used in embankments and bridge abutments for base stability.
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