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breech closer meaning

"breech closer" in a sentence
  • Once the round was loaded the breech closed automatically and the weapon was ready to be fired again.
  • Gun makers developed ways to keep the actions from opening too soon by " locking " the breech closed.
  • The 25-pounder was separate-loading; the shell was loaded and rammed, then the cartridge in its brass case was loaded and the breech closed.
  • Unlike the AR-15, the cocking handle fits directly into a recess in the bolt carrier and reciprocates with it during firing, allowing the firer to force the breech closed or open if necessary.
  • The powder is smoldering ! " At this time, Ziegler may have opened the door from the turret officer's booth in the rear of the turret into the center gun room and yelled at the crew to get the breech closed.
  • The camming mechanism " locked " the breech closed until the entire barrel and slide assembly had moved far enough that the pressure in the chamber was low enough to safely unlock the breech during the process of ejecting the spent casing which was followed by loading a new loaded cartridge . ( This is called locked breech .)
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