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bree meaning

"bree" in a sentence
  • 1 /brē/ (Scot)
      The eyebrow
      ORIGIN: OE brǣw, brēaw; cf Ger (Augen) braue; and brae
    bree2 /brē/ (Scot)
      The liquor in which anything has been boiled
      ORIGIN: Perh OE brīw; cf berry2, Ger Brei
  • bree : what about grandparents ? aunts, uncles
  • bree osbourne : mom, you never had a son
  • Inside of all animals, there is a powerful need to bree d
  • bree osbourne : because i know
  • bree osbourne : now you know how i felt when you hired those private detectives
  • And Bree knows what to do with a nine-iron.
  • If only we had characters like Bree Daniels and John McCabe.
  • Naji Sabri-- nah-JEE'SAH'- bree
  • Leonid I . Brezhnev-- bree-EZH'- nyef
  • Locally the name of the city is pronounced BREE-men.
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