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bottom chord meaning

"bottom chord" in a sentence

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  • [Architecture]

    The lower longitudinal member of a truss.

  • [Civil engineering]
    Any of the bottom series of truss members parallel to the roadway of a bridge.


  • Curved bottom chord
  • The fatigue strength of bottom chord node board, which is sensitivity to fatigue, is calculated by fem method
  • Square end joists are primarily intended for bottom chord bearing.
  • The bottom chords of the bridges range from to and the width averages.
  • More than half the bridge's bottom chords were bent or twisted beyond repair.
  • Latitudinal and longitudinal I-beams supported by the bottom chords provide a deck frame.
  • Some early German bridges included diagonal panel bracing in trusses with parallel top and bottom chords.
  • Top and bottom chords are made up of circular hollow sections which forms a triangular shape.
  • The bottom chord of the trusses is a heavy tie beam supported on timber wall brackets.
  • Along each end of the bottom chord are support rails with rope eyelets for suspension of tarpaulins.
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