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bottle opener meaning

Synonyms of "bottle opener""bottle opener" in a sentence
  • Noun: bottle opener
    1. An opener for removing caps or corks from bottles

    Derived forms: bottle openers

    Type of: opener

    Encyclopedia: Bottle opener

  • It's in the right-hand drawer, next to the bottle openers
  • A bottle opener is a kitchen gadget
  • No . no bottle opener
  • Glass packaging-hand-held crown bottle openers-dimensions; german version en 14798 : 2005
  • In have penknife, bottle opener, peeler, all-powerful handle, kitchen chopping board
  • bottle opener series.
  • bottle opener series
  • Description : re-order heineken rugby world cup, key ring bottle opener
  • A penknife and bottle opener for Ford's sports utility vehicles.
  • Nor does it mean a Homer Simpson talking bottle opener.
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