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bioastronautics meaning

"bioastronautics" in a sentence

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  • singular noun
      The science dealing with the effects of travel in space on living organisms

  • [Medicine]
    n pl but sing or pl in constr : the medical and biological aspect of astronautics


  • NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas maintains a Bioastronautics Library ( map ).
  • Bioastronautics is an area of bioengineering research which spans the study and support of life in China, Japan and Iran.
  • Bioastronautics includes many similarities with its sister discipline astronautical hygiene; they both study the hazards that humans may encounter during a space flight.
  • The one-room facility provides a collection of textbooks, reference books, conference proceedings, and academic journals related to bioastronautics topics.
  • The transition from expendable physicochemical methods to sustainable bioregenerative systems that function as a robust miniature ecosystem is another goal of bioastronautics in facilitating long duration space travel.
  • In July 1962, he returned to Brooks Air Force Base where he continued his research, served as intelligence analyst for Soviet bioastronautics and was active as a NASA flight controller for the Gemini missions.
  • Guy Fogleman, head of NASA bioastronautics research, said the four toughest problems that must be solved are space radiation, bone loss from weightlessness, the psychology of long-term spaceflight, and developing technologies for remote medical diagnosis and treatment.
  • Over time, his involvement on the mountain rescue team fed his interest in helping people while doing something he loved and he changed his educational course to pursue bioastronautics-related graduate degrees, studying how humans perform in the harsh environment of space.
  • Over the years, he was a member of the President's Science Advisory Committee on Bioastronautics and a consultant to the surgeon general of the United States, the U . S . Army and a federal advisory committee on education, among others.
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