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bioartificial organs meaning

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  • [Medicine]
    Artificial organs that are composites of biomaterials and cells. The biomaterial can act as a membrane (container) as in BIOARTIFICIAL LIVER or a scaffold as in bioartificial skin.


  • This bioartificial organ platform is termed a " ghost heart " because of its opaque white appearance.
  • The two have co-invested before in deals, such as Circe Biomedical, a Lexington developer of bioartificial organs.
  • She is the author of Microfabrication in Tissue Engineering and Bioartificial Organs and co-author of the undergraduate textbook Tissue Engineering.
  • In order to successfully create bioartificial organs from a patients stem cells, researchers continue to make improvements in the generation of complex tissues by tissue engineering.
  • The ultimate goal of tissue engineering as a discipline is to allow both'off the shelf'bioartificial organs and regeneration of injured tissue in the body.
  • The "'ESAO "'is committing to play a pivotal role to encourage and promote research on artificial and bioartificial organs and related areas.
  • Bioartificial organs, which use both synthetic and biological component, are also a focus area in research, such as with hepatic assist devices that use liver cells within an artificial bioreactor construct.
  • The running activities are emerging into an interdisciplinary field of research, development and clinics in which fields of artificial and bioartificial organs, applied biomaterials sciences, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine aim to support, replace or restore the function of tissues and organs.

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